A Cloud-Based Revolution:

Buchanan County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a vital healthcare provider serving thousands annually. To meet the escalating demands of emergency medical service provision, Buchanan …

Enable NSW

How do you track 20,000 pieces of medical equipment on a single inventory platform? That’s what this Australian agency needed to know.

NSW Health Patient Transport Service

Automated scheduling and dispatch help New South Wales launch new patient transport service to improve responsiveness and quality.

MedStar Mobile Healthcare

MedStar Mobile Healthcare relies on the “CAD of the Future” as it charts a new course for EMS.

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"Logis IDS delivers more than what you expect in a CAD. With reliable analytics and detailed reporting, we’re able to confidently provide deployment recommendations to dispatchers based on meaningful data. The ability to support that decision-making really makes a difference in how we serve our community."
Kenneth Simpson
COO, MedStar Mobile Healthcare, Ft. Worth, TX