Intelligent Decision Support

The CAD of the Future| Cutting-edge technology, customized for you| Data, AI and analytics for better decision-making

Revolutionizing CAD for emergency services, fire, mobile healthcare and patient transport

Logis Solutions provides reliable, intelligent decision support to help public safety, healthcare and non-emergent medical transport organizations better serve their patients and communities.

We take a different approach to computer-aided dispatch and resource management — one that automates important elements of the process, freeing your telecommunicators to focus on the most complex incidents and manage more resources.

Interoperability is at the core of what we do. We know it’s important to our customers, too. That’s why Logis Solutions is built with open APIs to ensure easy, seamless integration with other technologies.

Logis IDS

A cutting-edge CAD to better manage both complex and routine incidents.
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Predictive deployment using AI
  • Customized features for your organization

Logis Billing

Get reimbursed faster and help your bottom line.
  • Reduce time to billing
  • Customize & automate billing
  • Integrate with any CAD ePCR and EMR

Logis Voice

Consolidate multi-media voice communication in one effective interface.
  • Streamline voice traffic
  • Simplify workflows
  • Reduce call-taker stress

Logis Assets

Track and maintain resources with ease.
  • Simplify asset control
  • Customize as needed
  • Manage inventories large & small
"Logis IDS delivers more than what you expect in a CAD. With reliable analytics and detailed reporting, we’re able to confidently provide deployment recommendations to dispatchers based on meaningful data. The ability to support that decision-making really makes a difference in how we serve our community."
Kenneth Simpson
COO, MedStar Mobile Healthcare, Ft. Worth, TX