Intelligent Decision Support

Revolutionizing CAD for emergency services, mobile healthcare and patient transport.| Predictive AI. Data intelligence. Informed decisions.| Automated, scalable customized solutions.| Built for integration. Built for your organization.

Powerful Deployment & Resource Management

Logis Solutions provides reliable, intelligent decision support to help public safety, healthcare and non-emergent medical transport organizations serve patients and communities.

Our unique approach to computer-aided dispatch and resource administration automates important elements of the process, freeing telecommunicators to both manage more resources and focus on most complex incidents.

The bottom line: improved operational efficiency and effectiveness for your organization.

Logis IDS

Empower dispatchers to better engage callers and manage day to day incidents – both complex and routine.
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Customize & integrate to meet your organization’s needs
  • Save time with automated, ruled-based suggestions

Logis Billing

Get reimbursed faster and help your bottom line.
  • Reduce time to billing
  • Customize & automate billing
  • Integrate with any CAD ePCR and EMR

Logis Voice

Consolidate multi-media voice communication in one effective interface.
  • Streamline voice traffic
  • Simplify workflows
  • Reduce call-taker stress

Logis Assets

Track and maintain resources with ease.
  • Simplify asset control
  • Customize as needed
  • Manage inventories large & small

Logis Introduces a People-Centered Approach to Vaccine Management

Logis IDS vaccine management software offers a people- and community-centered approach to scheduling, managing and reporting vaccine appointments

"Logis IDS delivers more than what you expect in a CAD. With reliable analytics and detailed reporting, we’re able to confidently provide deployment recommendations to dispatchers based on meaningful data. The ability to support that decision-making really makes a difference in how we serve our community."
Kenneth Simpson
COO, MedStar Mobile Healthcare, Ft. Worth, TX