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    Advanced CAD solutions

Logis IDS


  • Next Generation Mapping
  • Cross Functional Planning and Dispatching
  • Break and End Of Shift Management

Integrated Health

  • Inbound Phone Triage
  • Home Visits
  • ED Patient Inflow Management


  • PTT Radio
  • Phone System
  • Call Routing and Overflow


  • Enterprise Service Bus
  • Flexible Technology and Configuration
  • Open API’s


  • Low Network Reliability
  • Crew Unified Communication
  • Field Supervisor Module

System Status Management

  • Fixed and Dynamic Posts
  • Coverage and Demand Management
  • Deployment Suggestions


  • Patient In and Out-Flow Status
  • Booking with Eligibility
  • Resource and Call Details

Workflow Management

  • Defined Call Taking Workflow
  • Role Based User Profiles
  • Eligibility Wizard


What our clients say about us

Using Logis IDS with the included Logis NET solution, we were able to handle a 10% increase in acute calls with no decrease in overall response times, and more importantly without having to invest in additional unit hours.

Before introducing Logis IDS training to become an acute call dispatcher took 2 - 3 months. This has now been reduced to 2 - 3 weeks.

The complete integration between our old CAD solution and Logis IDS made it possible to perform the transition without any downtime. Something that normally would make it very hard for us to replace our CAD solution.

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