Having the best computer-aided dispatch (CAD) technology in the world doesn’t mean much if it can’t communicate with other software. That’s why the very first thing we created at Logis Solutions was our state-of-the-art integration platform. Even before we built our CAD, Logis IDS, we focused on interoperability.

We know that interoperable systems are critical to our customers, too. Because our solutions are built with open APIs on the latest technologies, Logis products work across all major records management, ePCR, billing and resource tracking platforms and products.

Interoperability is not something we add on as an afterthought. It was part of Logis’ architecture from the beginning.
René Munk Joergensen
Logis Solutions Founder & Partner

What does Logis interoperability mean for your agency or organization?

  • Daily functions such as crew scheduling, patient look-up, ePCR, non-emergency transport booking and billing are seamlessly integrated with your Logis IDS CAD.
  • Choose from dozens of ready-to-deploy integrations, at no extra cost. If you need an integration we’ve previously built, you pay only for the time it takes to add it to your system—not development or licensing costs. And if you need an integration we don’t have yet, we’ll give you access to our open APIs to build it yourself, or we can scope the development of a solution that meets your needs.
  • Add or remove integrations without modifying the Logis IDS CAD. Because the integrations platform is separate from the dispatch platform, it’s simple to change integrations without modifying or disabling your CAD, helping to ensure your dispatch system is secure and operational at all times.
  • No need to maintain data in multiple systems or retype information, saving you time and reducing errors.

To learn more about integration solutions or request a demo of Logis IDS, please contact us. We’d love to talk.