• Automated
  • Customizable & Flexible
  • Easy to Use
  • On-Premise, in the Cloud or Customized

  • Historical and Real-Time Reporting with
    Logis Clarity

Logis brings automation and exception management to your billing process. A robust and customized billing tool for emergency and patient transport, Logis Billing is the solution you need in the fast-paced world of mobile healthcare.

Screenshot of Logis Solutions billing form on a computer

Auto Data Source Comparison

Built on an open API for custom integration and data source comparison, Logis Billing helps your bottom line by reducing the wait time to pull accurate payer and patient information.

Logis Billing for the Cloud

Running your billing software in the cloud—whether that means public, private, hybrid or some other combination—gives your organization greater flexibility and opportunities for customization than ever before.

  • Choose the features and functionality that are right for your business
  • Free up IT staff from maintenance and upgrades
  • Boost reliability, resilience and security
  • Get up and running faster
Man at a computer using Logis Solutions billing software

Reduce Manual Interventions

Maximize your team’s efficiency with automated workflows. Minimize manual interventions by verifying patient and payer information from multiple sources to a single repository—in real time.

Track Real-Time Payment

Real-time posting of payment information and claims management frees your team from time-consuming billing tasks.
Computer showing Logis Solutions billing software form