• Improved Dispatcher Workflow
  • Consolidated Interface
  • Easily Recorded & Archived

Logis Voice reduces workflow inefficiencies by consolidating all voice communication into one solution. Provide a simple, seamless experience for customers, field crews and dispatchers with our single delivery point for all phone, radio and push-to-talk traffic.

Screenshot of Logis Solutions Voice interface

Reduce Telecommunicator Distractions

Integrating multiple voice channels into the Logis Voice interface reduces time switching between equipment and software, allowing call-takers to stay focused and avoid distractions from important call details.

Pre-Populated Call Data & One-Click Dialing

When integrated with phone systems, such as Avaya and Cisco, Logis Voice collates call data and pre-populates key information in the appropriate screen, saving dispatchers time and allowing them to focus on other critical tasks. Easy-click-to-dial feature within the solution allows efficient outside connection without exiting the CAD system.
Screenshot of Logis Solutions Voice interface
Screenshot of Logis Solutions Voice interface

Recording, Tagging & Archiving

Record, store, and tag voice snippets using metadata. Utilize enhanced searching and historical playbacks for reporting, legal and performance management needs.