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Reporting Made Easier

Clement Gram Christensen

Chief Product Officer
The best thing about Clement’s job? No two days are the same. He has a deep skill set for quickly grasping complex problems and recommending solutions while keeping the bigger picture top-of-mind.

If you’re already a Logis IDS user (and we hope you are), you know something about what our Intelligent Decision Support can do. For example, EMS leaders and clinicians get real-time data that drives greater efficiency through the dynamic, automatic posting of resources. If you work in mobile integrated healthcare, you might like that IDS helps you identify, book and track the right service for your patients, making it easier to deliver the care they need when and where they need it. Logis Billing, which also operates with IDS, automates workflows and verifies patient and payer information via a single repository.

Whatever the reasons, we know that you need not just data, but the deep, rich insights that data gives you into the work you do. That’s why we created Logis Clarity, a reporting solution specifically tailored to the data model in Logis products.

What does that mean in practical terms?

You can now build powerful reports quickly and efficiently without needing any special IT knowledge—or even knowing what our data model is.

You don’t even need to know much about reporting. Clarity comes with 15 pre-built reports that cover the most common needs we’ve heard from customers over the years. These ready-made reports tell you, say, if you have adequate staff and ambulances for a shift, or if you can send clinicians home because you have more personnel than you’re likely to need. Or you can see if a patient hand-off at a hospital is generally taking longer than expected, which may require you to investigate further. Plus, you get a wide array of both historical and real-time information about staff, vehicles, supplies and more, all pulled from the Logis data warehouse.

Clarity makes it simple to schedule the delivery of reports as often as you like and create new ones if the pre-built options don’t meet your needs. If you use other reporting tools like Power BI or QlikView, you’ll find that Logis Clarity functions as a powerful (but still lightweight) reporting solution that doesn’t require any SQL knowledge.

Through dashboards, charts and other graphics that refresh data in real time, you can ensure everyone who needs to see key performance metrics can do so, whether it’s on a big screen in the dispatch center, a status board seen by your telecommunicators, or a high-level view for management shown via the web.

If you’re an IDS or Billing customer and interested in adding Logis Clarity or seeing a demo, we’d love to talk. And if you’d like to know more about Logis IDS or Billing, we also hope you’ll reach out to start a conversation.

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