Logis Introduces a People-Centered Approach to Vaccine Management

Gil Glass

Chief Executive Officer, US
Inspired by a product that makes a difference and motivated by a talented staff, Gil has a passion for using technology to help communities.

Updated on 08/18/2021

Logis IDS vaccine management software offers a people- and community-centered approach to scheduling, managing and reporting vaccine appointments.

Managing the administration of COVID-19 vaccines has proven to be a challenge for communities around the world. Now, with the rise of the Delta variant and many people still needing vaccines, plus the possible need for booster shots, communities continue to look for solutions that are easy to access and work for both patients and providers. As software developers who have helped some of the world’s busiest emergency medical systems and hospitals manage the treatment and transport of millions of patients, we recognized that many of the same concepts built into our Logis IDS system apply to the needs of health departments and healthcare systems managing vaccinations. That’s why we created Logis Vaccine Appointments, a patient-centered solution to vaccine management.

  • Patient first – Designed to be single point of entry for vaccination appointment scheduling
    • Simple account set up allows people to schedule appointments for themselves or for others
    • Easy selection of available vaccine appointments based upon distance from the user’s address
    • Email and SMS reminders of upcoming appointments
    • Users can subscribe to be notified of open slots if no appointments are available when they log in
    • Vaccine slots that do become available are held for the subscriber for a set period of time, allowing them to log in and confirm the appointment
  • Easy vaccination and appointment administration
    • Designed to easily scale up or down and adjust for current supply, demand and vaccination protocols
    • Manage vaccines, locations, appointments and patient communications
  • Simple provider portal for vaccine administration enabling the capture of all the data recommended and required by the CDC at the time of injection

As communities continue to grapple with COVID-19 and its variants, while also preparing for future pandemics, they need technology solutions that support both a convenient, simple patient experience and a robust vaccination scheduling and tracking system. Logis Solutions is proud to contribute through Logis Vaccine Appointments, a part of the Logis Intelligent Decision Support family of technology solutions.

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