Logis IDS Software Updates: Portal OpsActivity Becomes Portal Operations

If you’re familiar with Logis, you know that continual improvement–often by way of customer input and feedback–is a hallmark of what we do. Our latest update is no exception. We’re happy to announce that Logis IDS Portal OpsActivity now becomes Logis Portal Operations. This change encompasses a redesign of the user interface (UI) and new functionality to support operations and improved performance. Here are highlights of these recent changes to Logis Portal:


Map: The new map in Logis Portal Operations uses the same map as what you find in Logis IDS.  You’ll find the same HERE maps, including point addressing and satellite view, and the menu now supports additional filtering for Incidents and Resources.


The fully updated Logis Portal Operations delivers improved performance and more functionality to users.  Another key feature is the ability to create a new Incident from Operations and then dispatch it. Other improvements and new features include:

  • Activities: Users now have a view of all active responses in Activities. This view is a one-to-one display of the active response and the resource assigned to that response. The Activities feature provides status information and the ETA to the next status. If dispatching is enabled, a non-assigned response may be dispatched from the Activities view. The view provides the user with the ability to quickly open details of the response, incident or resource.
  • Incidents: The new Incidents view provides the top-level view of all Incidents, including the ability to find an historical incident. An Incident in IDS may contain one or more individual responses.  This view gives the user the ability to see the overall status of the incident, create new incidents or edit existing incidents. Clicking on an incident allows you to see details of the incident, including all responding resources.
  • Resources: The Resources view of Logis Portal Operations provides an overview of all resources. This includes resources that are assigned to responses, stations or post moves. This view includes current status and ETA. Selecting Resources in Logis Portal Operations provides a detailed view of the current status, map view of current location, unit and crew information, all moves and responses for the shift. The map includes the AVL trail for the day as well. Finally, the ability to send and receive chat messages via Logis Portal Operations is now possible via any communication device assigned to the resource.
  • Events: Logis IDS provides a unique approach to managing events/standbys where the time is tracked on the event along with the individual responses within the event. Logis Portal Operations now brings that same functionality to our customers.
  • Phone Book: The new Phone Book feature allows you to access phone numbers created in IDS and create new entries from Logis Portal Operations that also appear in Logis IDS. If you’re using Operations from a cellular-capable device, anywhere you see a phone icon will enable you to simply click to dial.

To learn more about how Logis IDS can support your agency, or if you’re a current customer and have questions, please reach out.

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