Clement Gram Christensen

Chief Product Officer

Clement Gram Christensen joined Logis in May 2008 immediately after earning his Master of Science in Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. As Chief Product Officer, he is responsible for ensuring exceptional product functionality and design across the Logis product suite. Understanding customer needs is a high priority for Clement so that he can respond to those needs through product adjustments and new developments.

The best thing about Clement’s job? No two days are the same. He has a deep skill set for quickly grasping complex problems and recommending solutions while keeping the bigger picture top-of-mind. Another of Clement’s specialties is translating developer lingo into language that will resonate with customers, and he expertly bridges that communication gap.

Outside of the office, Clement enjoys travelling with his wife and kids, golfing, and playing and watching football as a dedicated Manchester United fan. Fun fact: He’s the best foosball player at Logis!