Enhancing Patient Engagement, Scheduling and Pre-Arrival Information for Improved Care

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Spring brought the launch of a number of new developments and product features at Logis. You can read about the first set of updates and upgrades in Part 1 of this post. This addition will summarize the new modules available to support our IDS flagship CAD solution, plus share the newest upgrades to Logis Billing, our automated billing tool designed to improve your bottom line.

New IDS Module Upgrade Streamlines Appointment Management

IDS Appointments – a new module available within the IDS CAD ecosystem – provides a patient centric approach to managing appointments. Integrated into the IDS framework with a unique and customizable interface, this module includes a web-based patient registration system and a health practitioner interface. This new tool, with a simple user account set-up, streamlines appointment scheduling and connecting with patients through its:

  • Scalability for large patient cohorts
  • Easy view for appointment availability, scheduling and queuing behavior, with appointment hold option
  • Functionality to connect with patients through email campaigns
  • Medicine management with route of administration, adverse reaction recording, expiry date management and scheduling based on recommended first and second dose

Watch: Watch a demo of the Appointments module addition

Live Streaming Through Simple SMS Connects Pre-hospital Care with Other Providers

The new IDS Stream module allows call takers and telecommunicators to connect with patients and mobile integrated healthcare providers to share photos and streaming videos in real time from an emergency scene or patient environment. Stream is made for mobile technology, creating a simple SMS request that brings context and rich information to healthcare providers, improving connectivity between pre-hospital and hospital care providers that should positively impact patient care quality and efficiency. Learn more about How Streaming Video Can Enhance Situational Awareness and Improve Patient Outcomes.

  • Logis IDS users can send media feeds directly from the call-taking screen, which sends a simple initiation through mobile SMS
  • All data is recorded and available both for future follow up calls as part of the patients’ journal and for general quality assurance
  • Seamless integration with Logis IDS with trusted security and privacy measures in place

Watch: See how SMS texting in IDS leads to photo and video sharing in real time

Automated, Customized and Flexible Billing Just Got Better

The Logis Billing tool already helps reduce wait time to pull accurate payer and patient information, reduces manual interventions to streamline the process and tracks real time payments. These new updates continue to improve the tool’s usefulness based on regular input from our client partners.

Easier Management of Multiple Business Units

  • A new configuration menu helps easily find and separate out specific components
  • Individual configuration allows business unit segmentation in large organizations for more detailed views and reporting

Custom Number Sequences for Improved Integrations

  • Now, determine and set unique numbering sequences to better align to external systems

Simplified Medical & Procedures Tracking and Interface

  • Simplified updating of NEMSIS data, using import and synchronization features
  • ePCR interface changes allow selection of outcomes based on individual criteria to drive billing outcomes, even when this information is initially provided incorrectly through ePCR data import

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